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The website is a work in progress where I post short stories, poems that I've written, and random thoughts.

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Hi everyone! My name is Mackenzie and I am an upcoming senior in the B.F.A, program, I have a concentration in fiction creative writing, but I'm aiming for a Master's in Library Science so I can also become a librarian. My happy place is being lost in a book or being in an an environment where they surround me, therefore I've volunteered in my high school library for 2 years and have worked in a bookstore for 4 years. If anyone has any book series recommendations or just a must read novel, please comment so I can grow my little library (which I've learned is only 1,000 books). Even though my entire personality revolves around me being a book nerd (I have the stickers to prove it), I am also a coffee enthusiast, obsessed with Disney movies, will scream songs from Phantom of the Opera or Tik Tik Boom in my car randomly, and I own almost every single streaming service and hardly use it.